New Jersey government wasting money on bottled water

no bottled waterOver the past half year or so there have been very passionate debates here in New Jersey about Governor Christie’s budget cuts. School districts and police departments have been hit the hardest with pay cuts/freezes, benefit cuts, and lay offs. Municipalities have been hit hard, too. My boys’ tow summer recreation program will be $100 this summer ($75 for the second child in the family). Last summer, it was $30.

I’m a firm believer in “don’t spend what you don’t have,” but I know New Jersey’s budget problems run way deeper than that simple mantra. Not fully understanding all of our budget problems, I’ve stayed out of much of the debate because while I do have my opinions, I feel they are rather uninformed.

However, I do have an opinion about this in particular. If the state is going to say it’s absolutely necessary for our most vital public servants to tighten their belts and accept pay cuts/freezes or layoffs, then the folks in Trenton better be tightening their belts, too. So when I find out that government offices in New Jersey use tax-payer dollars to buy bottled water for everyday use, it’s infuriating.

I got an e-mail from the Environmental Working Group that says the following:

It’s not news to you, but bottled water is as much as 1,900 times more expensive than municipal drinking water, and it’s not necessarily any safer or cleaner. And researchers have found that producing and transporting bottled water requires up to 2,000 times more energy than tap water.

But New Jersey still uses taxpayers’ money to buy bottled water for government offices and other non-emergency purposes.

When state funds are dwindling and environmental concerns are growing, it’s time for the New Jersey government to take a simple action that will help save money and make New Jersey greener: cut public spending on unnecessary bottled water.

It then directs me to a petition for Governor Christie I can sign my name to ask him to stop using my tax dollars to buy unnecessary bottled water. I’ve signed the petition. If you live in New Jersey, please consider signing it, too.

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  1. Don’t all the government officials get paid by the tax- payer money for their services?

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